Texas Instruments


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Texas Instruments
Mga kategorya
Kristal, Oscillators, Resonators
Mga Sub-kategorya
Pin maaaring i-configure / Maaaring piliin Oscillators
XTAL OSC XO 3.135V-3.465V 8SMD
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TagagawaTexas InstrumentsTagagawa ng Bahagi #LMK61PD0A2-SIAR
Mga kategoryaKristal, Oscillators, ResonatorsMga Sub-kategoryaPin maaaring i-configure / Maaaring piliin Oscillators
Serye-Katayuan bahagiActive
base risoneytorCrystaluriXO (Standard)
Dalas - Output 162.5MHz, 100MHz, 106.5MHz, 125MHz, 156.25MHz, 212.5MHz, 312.5MHzDalas - Output 2-
Dalas - Output 3-Dalas - Output 4-
tungkulin-outputHCSL, LVDS, LVPECL
Boltahe - Supply3.135V ~ 3.465VDalas ng Katatagan-
operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°CCurrent - Supply para sa (Max)-
Sukat / Dimensyon0.276" L x 0.197" W (7.00mm x 5.00mm)taas0.045" (1.15mm)
Package / Kaso8-SMD Module